"Presbyterians? . . . They stay until it's done!"
-- Overheard at Long Term Recovery Group Meeting
Donations:  Presbytery of South Louisiana, 
                     12909 Old Hammond Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70816
To schedule your volunteer trip, call the PDA Call Center today!  (866) 732-6121


First Presbyterian Church, Lafayette

To schedule your volunteer trip,
call the PDA Call Center today!  
(866) 732-6121

Host Site

The flooded region surrounding Lafayette garnered even less media attention than the rest, but the congregation of First Presbyterian Church, Lafayette ​ is determined to spread the news and open their doors so that hope and healing (and volunteers) may come in.  With passion and efficiency, they made short work of their prep list and are now anxiously tapping their toes  and peeking around the corner to catch their first glimpse of volunteers.  They've even got a prayer wall that includes handprints of the church's youth with encouraging messages for the work teams.  You can bet that FPC will make sure that you don't forget Lafayette!  They have practical stuff too, such as:

  • Air mattresses, blankets, and pillows
  • Limited breakfast, snacks, coffee, drinks, & 1 pot-luck dinner
  • Towels/wash cloths and laundry soap (laundromat is a few blocks away)
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • Shower trailers shared by their neighborhood Methodist friends
  • Leisure - Wifi, TV/DVD player in a separate community room
  • Huge hearts!

FPC Lafayette can host groups with up to 30 volunteers ages 14 and over. *
*Please note that Work Partners may not permit volunteers under age 16 on the work site.  Make sure you confirm your Work Partner's age policy prior to scheduling your trip.

First Presbyterian Church, Lafayette

Work Partner

This is not Rebuilding Together Acadiana's first rodeo!  They have roots that reach back to an oft-forgotten hurricane named Rita. Named storm or not, they know the drill.  They have the support of a national organization and the heart of a compassionate and thoughtful neighbor who isn't about to let "the least of these" flounder.  Striving to do the most good, they are a willing and capable partner for anyone who wants to help.  The Presbytery of South Louisiana is honored to be in that number.

Rebuilding Together Acadiana can manage groups of up to 100 volunteers ages 14 and older.  The work schedule is Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

SoLaRebuild Partner

To schedule your volunteer trip, call the PDA Call Center today!  (866) 732-6121

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