"Presbyterians? . . . They stay until it's done!"
-- Overheard at Long Term Recovery Group Meeting
Donations:  Presbytery of South Louisiana, 
                     12909 Old Hammond Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70816
To schedule your volunteer trip, call the PDA Call Center today!  (866) 732-6121

To schedule your volunteer trip,
call the PDA Call Center today!  
(866) 732-6121


Host Site

University Presbyterian Church has a long and intentional history of providing help in times of need.  "Yes!" is a word used often and the impassioned teamwork of UPC's congregation springs immediately into action.  For over 2 months following the August flooding, UPC served as a shelter for families displaced by the rising waters.  Now UPC has opened their welcoming arms to host volunteers who wish to help.  Dubbed "The Hilton of Host Sites," its close proximity to LSU and walking access to the beautiful City Park Lake makes it a peaceful environment for volunteers to unwind after a long day of rebuilding.  UPC amenities also include:

  • Bunk beds, sheets and pillows
  • Two indoor showers
  • Towels/wash cloths provided
  • On site laundry
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • 1st night's dinner, 1st day continental breakfast and a weekly potluck dinner with congregation members and homeowners
  • Leisure - Wifi, TV/DVD player, a walk by the lake
  • Tireless support and gratitude for your help

UPC can host groups with up to 20 volunteers ages 16 and over. *  Volunteers staying at UPC will work with our Work Partners, Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge.
*Please note that Work Partners may not permit volunteers under age 16 on the work site.  Make sure you confirm your Work Partner's age policy prior to scheduling your trip.

Work Partner

We have a Work Partner in the Baton Rouge area that provide work site supervision for all of our volunteers.  Volunteers who stay at University PC's "Hospitality Hall" will be assigned to one of the Work Partners featured below.

Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge

Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge is the local affiliate of the national Rebuilding Together nonprofit.  Like their counterparts in New Orleans and Acadiana, RT Baton Rouge  has the support of a national organization and the heart of a compassionate and thoughtful neighbor who isn't about to let "the least of these" flounder.  Striving to do the most good, they are a willing and capable partner for anyone who wants to help.  RT Baton Rouge has recognized the fear that flood survivors face in returning to deserted neighborhoods where security is a concern because their neighbors have not been able to return.  In an effort to support and encourage those first brave homeowners to return, RT  has adopted a block of homes to rebuild on Tioga Street.  Already, their work is inspiring neighbors to return and to help work on their neighbors' homes as well.

Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge can manage groups of up to 100 volunteers ages 18 and older.  The work schedule is Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

SoLaRebuild Partner

To schedule your volunteer trip, call the PDA Call Center today!  (866) 732-6121

PSL Volunteer Hubs

Our Hammond 
Hub is now closed, but we still need you in Baton Rouge & Lafayette!